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A sprite manager would open the world of 2D & Pixel Art to OpenSpace3D.
It would allow the user to create sequences of animations, i.e. for characters movement.
Additionally, it could include some graphical features.

Game example
"The player is using the 'Up' key; therefore his character is now visible from the back and plays the walk animation. Now the player is using both the down and right key; therefore the character face/left side is visible in oblique and keeps on walking".

First, the user would have to select an entity (i.e. character) on which he wishes to play the sequences.
The Node window would list several "sequences" (displayed as rows) of pictures; all these sequences would get an ID (string or int).
By using a "+" button, the user can add & name another sequence. Using a "-" button would remove the selected sequence.
Each row would contain the following:
At the beginning, the name/number of the sequence.
Then a number to enter, which would indicate how many steps would be used (starting at 1 minimum).
Then boxes in which the user selects its pictures (an automatic addition based on a naming convention would be a nice bonus)
At the end of each sequence, a "Loop" checkbox would allow the animation to... loop, instead of stopping there.

Graphical option:
- Possibility to check a box in order to automatically set the sprite to "Unlit";

Usage Example
- The player moves a character to the right. It starts playing "movingRight" sequence in loop.
- The player finds a chests on opens it. It starts playing "chestOpening" and stops at the end of the animation, then plays a sound.

Warning: A sprite renders well only if uncompressed. For instance, the user may provide a 32 by 32 pixels pictures, which is already pretty light. Any kind of compression applied on this texture may drastically impact quality, leading to a blurry aspect.

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