How to post a bug or suggestions ?

This is very important for us that you to do know a bug or a suggestion.

For that,

  1. if any, register you to the Redmine:
  2. once registered, go to
    • In Tracker, select bug or feature
    • In Subject, please give an explicit title
    • In Description, explain with as much detail as possible (this is really important !)
    • In File, add all helpful files (log files and screenshot by example)
    • Let empty the other fields.
    • Click on Preview link, if ok, click on Create button.

You will receive an email with the updated status of your request (this can take some days).
This method is strongly recommened.

Otherwise, you can post your request on the forum :
  • for a bug, in the Scol section;
  • for a suggestion, in the sub section Projects / Suggestions.


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