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Scol is a free high level functional and interpreted language. It is mostly used to the 3d real-time and multi-user applications but it can make a lot of others applications (more informations on the wiki.
Scol is under development and aim to be multiplatform. Its new 3d engine is totally based from Ogre3D and many extensions enhance performances.
Except few particular functions, a code written in Scol will be read and executed on all supported platform.

You get here the latest versions, documentations and tutorials and the source codes of Scol, Scol server, Scol java server, Openspace3d and SCS.

You can post any bug, patch, request or contribute to our tutorials wikis.


You can visit our forum to get help or to exchange ideas and advice :

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Sqlite3: SQLite3 0.1.7
Added by iri over 11 years ago

Sqlite3: SQLite3 support : alpha6
A new version with a better support
Added by iri almost 13 years ago

Sqlite3: SQLite3 alpha5 (1 comment)
A new alpha is available
Added by iri over 13 years ago

GKeyFile: GKeyFile : New API
GKeyFile is a new api to read and write the key files.
Added by iri over 13 years ago

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