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11:38 AM Scol Revision 6433: SO3Engine :
- Fix a bug where camera & light name where duplicated Maeln
11:09 AM SO3Engine Feature #484 (New): Manage embedded texture with Assimp
In ALScenLoader, use mTextures from aiScene to get and export all the embedded textures. Maeln


03:21 PM Scol Feature #483 (New): Create callback when using a load() function in ALSceneLoader
When using load() on a mesh, material, ... A callback should be send to Scol. Maeln
03:20 PM Scol Feature #482 (Resolved): Manage shader creation in ALMaterial
ALMaterial should create shader to handle normal mapping and this kind of stuff when it can. Maeln
03:19 PM Scol Feature #481 (New): Manage tangeant creation in ALSceneLoader
Add the tangeant creation in ALMesh. Maeln
03:18 PM Scol Feature #480 (New): Manage shared vertex in ALSceneLoader
Change the way mesh are loaded in ALMesh in order to handle shared vertex. Maeln


04:45 PM Scol Revision 6409: SO3ENGINE SCENELOADER
- Trying my best to debug the skeleton's animations. Maeln
02:12 PM Scol Revision 6408: So3Engine SceneLoader:
- Bones are now properly placed in the skeleton. Maeln


05:06 PM Scol Revision 6406: So3Engine SceneLoader
- Fix the plugit converter Maeln
05:06 PM Scol Revision 6405: So3Engine SceneLoader
- Skeleton Maeln

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