OpenSpace3D is a free development platform for interactive real time 3D projects. It is written in Scol and it is edited by the french company I-maginer.

You will find more informations (features, binaries, news, galleries, ...) on the Os3d web site :
I-maginer contributes to a high level of the Scol developpement.

Here, you could get all source codes and technical informations.


To submit a bug or a feature, you should use this interface. For this, you must already registered (independantly of the forum, see also Why register on this site). Give us the most of details and, if any, an extract of the file log and a screenshot.

  • For a public support, you can :
  1. read this page on the Os3d web site
  2. use the same interface (select "Support" in Tracker)
  3. post a message in the forum:
  • For a private support :

Contact I-maginer by mail : contact (at) or phone : +33 2 40 12 16 44


You will find tutorials :

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