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  • Applications

    These applications, written in Scol, are supported by us.

  • Easy Ogre Exporter

    Ogre exporter for 3ds max

  • OpenSpace3D

    OpenSpace3D is a free and Open Source development platform for interactive real time 3D projects.

  • Scol

    Scol is a free programing language.

    This project section is about Scol language with browser plugins and Voyager client

    For more informations, please visit our wiki : WikiStart

    • Audio

      Audio plugin based on cAudio library
      Manage 2D and 3D sounds

    • BitmapToolkit

      Scol API to manage bitmaps filters/modifications and capture devices using OpenCV
      An Augmented reality is also provided using the ARUCO library

    • Browser plugins

      Internet browser plugins to embed Scol applications with javascript communication

    • Epoc Emotiv

      Scol plugin for Epoc Emotiv brain interface headset

    • Glove 5TD

      Scol plugin for Glove 5DT devices

    • Joypad

      Joypad Scol plugin, to manage dual stick joypad under windows

    • Kernel5

      Scol Kernel Virtual machine, Windows/Linux Client and Server

    • LeapMotion

      LeapMotion Scol plugin, to manage the LeapMotion devine under Windows

    • Lib2D

      Graphic Lib2D

    • Lib2D GTK

      2D library for Scol based on GTK+ 2.24 / 3.x

      See to currently documentations

    • LibXml2

      XML reader and writer
      Based from the famous Libxml2 library

    • MMedia

      Multimedia library for Scol, manage Quicktime, Real, Windows media formats

    • Myo

      Thalmiclabs Myo armband implementation in Scol

    • Neurosky

      Scol plugin for Neurosky headset

    • Nonin

      Nonin health cardiac device Scol plugin

    • Oculus Rift

      Oculus Rift implementation in Scol

    • OpenNiSCOL

      Scol API using OpenNI to manage Kinect device

    • OptiTrack

      Scol plugin for OptiTrack IR camera

    • OS2D library

      2D library based on OS interfaces

    • rpiGPIO

      Scol interface for Raspberry PI GPIO

    • Science

      Weather, Date, Statistic, Maths, ... APIs

    • sCurl

      libCurl Api for Scol

    • Security

      Security plugin to manage RSA and AES encryption

    • SerialIO

      Serial communication Scol plugin

    • SO3Engine

      Scol 3D engine plugin using Ogre3D

    • sOpenVR

      Scol plugin to provide an interface to Openvr motion sensor and VR headset

    • sOpenXR

      Scol plugin to provide an interface to OpenXR VR headset

    • SpacePoint Fusion

      Scol plugin for PNI SpacePoint Fusion devices

    • Speech

      Speech and recognition Scol plugin based on MS Speech API

    • Sql

      SQL Scol plugin

    • Sqlite3

      Sqlite3 Scol plugin, to manage file based SQLite3 database

    • sTuio

      Scol interface for Tuio client, multi touch interface

    • sXml

      Scol Xml interface for read / write xml files.
      Based on TinyXml

    • UsbUIRT

      Scol plugin for USB UIRT device to control infrared devices

    • Wiimote

      Wiimote Scol plugin to manage Wii devices

    • wSystem

      Scol plugin for Windows based system
      Add functions to manage pc Sleep modes and computer power

    • X10

      X10 API for home automation device X10 CM11/CM15

    • XTension

      ActiveX plugin for Scol

    • ZooEngine

      Old and deprecated OpenGL 3D Engine for Scol

  • Scol Java Communication server

    Scol Java Communication server

  • Scol Server

    Scol server

  • Tutorials

    Written by the devlopers
    Written by the community

    Please, visit the wiki to read tutorials
    Please, visit the documents to download documents...

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